Creating visual communication

Marken müssen danach streben menschlicher zu werden. Authentische Bilder sind ein erfolgreiches Instrument für dieses Ziel. 

Brands must strive to become more human. Authentic images are a powerful tool for this. 




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Who am I?

I set myself the task of creating recognition value for companies. Authenticity and a natural image look are the top priorities for me to communicate emotions. As a brand specialist, I see not only the creative and artistic view of a photo, but also the overall picture of a campaign and brand.

My name is Hannes Knüpling. I am based in Gevelsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in brand communication and media management. For many years I have been involved with photography on a freelance level. Besides photography, I was already able to gain deep theoretical and practical experience in brand strategy. 



So far I was allowed to work on tasks for the following companies:



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